Full Load Cargo

The AsstrA group has designed a comprehensive door-to-door solution for your full load shipments.

The full load service option is used when the delivery requires a separate motor vehicle or a container.

The planning and the work are carried out by AsstrA itself as well as under long-term contracts with company’s network of partner-suppliers. 

Types of Cargo

We transport a variety of cargo allowed for auto transportation:

  • non-temperature-controlled
  • refrigerated
  • hazardous

This service of AsstrA doesn’t cover transportation of bulk, fluid, oversized, overweight cargo, cargo of hazard classes 1 and 7 (precious metals, stones and the like, banknotes and securities). 

Geography of Deliveries

  • between the EU and the CIS countries 
  • between Russia and Belarus
  • within Russia
  • Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro – the UE countries – the CIS countries 


  • euro standard tilt trucks with the loading capacity of 20 t. and the volume of 86-92 m3
  • small size vehicles with the loading capacity of 1,5-5 t. for consolidation and distribution of groupage cargo 

Benefits of using AsstrA for full load services:

  • long-term contractual relations with high freight capacity carriers in different countries
  • company-owned vehicle fleet
  • availability of company-owned customs agencies in the EU, Belarus and Ukraine
  • ability to transport customs-controlled cargo to Belarus with the AsstrA Weisrusland's guarantee
  • processing of the T1 transit to the EU by AsstrA’s customs agencies
  • freight forwarder’s liability insurance 

A Full Service Package

  • export and import door-to-door delivery
  • processing of customs documentation and clearance of cargo
  • reasonable charges for cargo insurance 

All services are customized based on your request.