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Transportations of groupage cargo

The specialists of AsstrA Holding developed comprehensive solutions to deliver your small cargo. We deliver groupage cargo «from door-to-door» from the countries of Western Europe to the CIS countries and to the Baltic countries.

This option of delivery allows to transport several shipments, given by different companies and destined for different receivers, by one transport. This way we achieve a profitable price of transportation for every cargo.

Types of groupage cargo

As part of groupage cargo AsstrA delivers cargo from 1m3 and more.

The restriction for this type of transportation is the delivery of cargo which demands the respect of special temperature conditions.

Terms of delivery

You make a transport order and the employees of AsstrA take your cargo the next day.

The cargo is delivered to warehouses in Germany, Italy, Poland every day from any European city. Then your goods are sent with groupage cargo to the receivers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and to the Baltic countries.

The express deliveries of small shipments are done directly by light vehicles.

Weekly lines for regular shippings of groupage cargo to our clients in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine are organized. By your order European shipper can send shipments from 100kg to 10t directly to the AsstrA warehouses in Germany and Italy this allows to avoid expenses on consolidation in Europe.

Advantages of transportation of groupage cargo with AsstrA

  • Regular lines from any European point;
  • Cargo delivery in remote regions of the Russian Federation;
  • Own intermediate warehouses in Western Europe;
  • Large AsstrA branch network – availability for clients, opportunity to help and to offer consultations to customers in different countries;
  • Express delivery of small shipments by light vehicles;
  • Own customs agencies with work experience more than 10 years;
  • Fleet of modern trucks;
  • Monitoring of cargo movement.

FULL SERVICE PACKAGE includes support service till and after the transportation:

Warehousing services

  • Preparation of documents and customs services;
  • Packing, overpacking, marking;
  • Palletizing and picking of goods;
  • Loading and unloading operations;
  • Warehouse accounting of movement;
  • Storage of cargo in European warehouses.

Preparation of documents and customs services

  • Export declarations (EX1);
  • Preparation of transit assurance (Т-1, Т-2);
  • Preparation of TIR and CMR;
  • Additional services on the preparation of documents;
  • Customs clearance in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus;

Well-functioning schemes of transport itineraries and a good location of warehouses ensure the delivery of your cargo at the stated time and at reasonable prices.

To receive a rate of transportation of groupage cargo you can contact the offices of AsstrA Holding or demand a rate on the site.