Refrigerated Cargo

The AsstrA group offers services for transporting temperature sensitive cargo.

We set temperature conditions that insure cargo preservation in accordance with international requirements for transportation of perishable and chemical goods.

You will receive consultation services on issues regarding veterinary permits and submission of cargo to veterinary inspection and customs authorities absolutely free of charge.

Cargo Types

We ship the following temperature-controlled goods:

  • meat, tinned meat and meat products;
  • milk products;
  • chocolate and pastry;
  • juices, alcohol and soft drinks;
  • fish and seafood;
  • vegetables, fruit and mushrooms;
  • plants and flowers;
  • chemical stuff, including hazardous goods.

 AsstrA does not transport chilled fish, fresh cut flowers, and fresh berries.

Geography of Deliveries

The AsstrA group transports temperature-controlled cargo from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Chech Republic, England, Ireland, and Finland to Poland, the CIS and the Baltic countries.


The AsstrA group uses specialized vehicles for transporting refrigerated, heated or frozen cargo:

  • refrigerator trucks with refrigeration equipment;
  • two-compartment refrigerator trucks that maintain both above-zero and below-zero temperature modes;
  • two-level refrigerator trucks;
  • insulated vans.

Benefits of using AsstrA for refrigerated cargo transportation:

  • flexible price policy;
  • company-owned vehicle fleet;
  • new vehicles;
  • multinational carriers - from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries;
  • ability to ship large size consignments at the same time;
  • highly qualified staff.

Full Service Package

  • door-to-door delivery;
  • ability to handle transloading at partners’ warehouses;
  • customs clearance;
  • cargo insurance by leading European insurance companies;
  • support of international trade deals and taxation optimization;
  • online information on cargo location;
  • consulting services on execution of customs, transit and veterinary documentation;
  • project logistics solutions.